The Event Hive Team

The Event Hive is made up of a revolving team
of designers, stylists, and coordinators
because we like to work with people
who have different styles to fit
the unique needs of our clients.
The team is headed by
The Event Hive founders Ella and Justine –
a dynamic pairing of competencies
that complement each other.

The Event Hive’s event creation and management style
places great emphasis on working with clients,
because we believe in the results
that the power of collaboration yields.


Founder | Managing Director |  Official Person-Of-The-House |

Can iron pleats really well

Ella carries with her an inherent love for people,
and gathering them together in a happy place.
This, coupled with her prior experience
in the business and finance world,
makes the event industry the perfect arena
to combine all these skills.
Despite the exhausting work,
she finds satisfaction and fulfillment
in making good business or life experiences
for clients and their guests.
Not to mention that events provide
a constantly exciting environment
where she meets all sorts of personalities
and a stage where the performance is the work itself.

Outside of the Hive, she is a family-oriented woman
and has three children with her husband.
This Mother Teresa-in-heels (as Justine fondly calls her)
loves children and has been working with a charity in Tipolo for kids.
And speaking of heels: she tends to lose her identity when in flats.
Only heaven knows why.

And she drives a motorcycle which she has yet to name.



Founder | Creative Director |  In-house comedian as Susan |

Can multi-task aided by imaginary assistant named Jonalyn

Since 2003, Justine has made the rounds in the world of events:
from being a host to a production manager,
including becoming a professional make-up artist and trainer.
The Event Hive was born from her, and Ella’s,
love for this dynamic industry and the new challenges
that present themselves with every project.
“There’s more freedom to be creative
and a lot more room to test new ideas,” she says.
Most of all, having found joy in the kind of work she does best
(and earning from it, to boot) is her motivation.
And also because she has a neurosis for detail.

Justine is a vocal advocate for
persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders,
being a mother of one herself.
She shares a home with two boys, her significant other,
and an adorable but reticent bulldog named Churchill.
She has an inner Wednesday Addams but sans the macabre
(she’s mostly wearing black),
what with all her home appliance related jokes.
Too, she has not gotten over F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
and it doesn’t look like she will anytime soon.