Our Advocacy

Let there be fun! But with great fun also comes responsibility.
Whether it’s a client event or our very own production,
we’re concerned about the spaces we occupy,
and the people who use them.
We encourage our clients and guests
to value these spaces we borrow
and to ensure the safety of attendees.
So here are our guidelines:

On Trash

In all The Event Hive happenings, we always employ proper trash disposal
by placing labeled bins in convenient, strategic spots.
Let’s face it: there are really only a few words to take note of,
and it takes only a few seconds to figure out whether your trash
goes into the biodegradable or non-biodegradable bin.
We appreciate participants who do their part for mother earth!
We want to leave the space we use
the way it was before we set up: clean.
Let’s all do this together – even the tiny things count.

On Personal Safety

Our belongings are our individual responsibility.
Make sure they’re secure.
One way to avoid losing stuff is to bring only your essentials
instead of your entire room in your bag.
Place them in a bag that’s easy to bring,
or keep around you at all times.

…But that also doesn’t mean we won’t appreciate it
if you forward lost-and-found items to our staff.
If you find anything that’s not yours,
be a good soul and look for us.
We’ll try our best to find the rightful owner.
On the other hand, if you’ve lost things,
just tell us and perhaps we can help,
or maybe someone else has already forwarded
your lost item to us.

Especially for big events where there may be huge crowds,
it’s possible to lose your friends among a sea of people.
Use a buddy system, or pick a spot where you can meet up
just in case the group breaks up and goes different ways.

In cases of emergency, please inform our crew straight away.
We follow emergency protocols in our events.

On Drinking

A number of the events we create allow drinks on their menu,
and whenever this is the case, here are a few reminders.

Drinking and driving is most definitely not a good combination.
Safety first! Get a cab, or a carpool
and assign the non-drinker to take the wheel.

When drinking: keep yourselves hydrated!
We lose a ton of water when on alcohol,
and unless you have water in between drinks,
you can get drunk faster. Not a good idea.

Do it moderately. You are your responsibility.
But don’t forget to check up on each other
within your group too.
Hey, we don’t want to drag someone
nor be dragged home, right?

If you’re a minor, of course you can get drinks!
The non-alcoholic ones, that is.
A valid I.D. therefore
is an essential to keep in your bag,
because we only serve alcoholic drinks
to those who are of age.